“That’s for amateurs; I use steam”

Internet people will tell you that in order to properly use the Oil Cleansing Method, you need a washcloth.  This is false.  The washcloth is gross, the washcloth is a waste of time, the washcloth is cumbersome, and the washcloth is rough on your soft skin.

I hear you – what do I know, right?  Well, here’s what I know:

With the “traditional” Oil Cleansing Method technique you have to rub oil on your skin, then steam clean it by placing a washcloth full of hot water over your face.  You leave the washcloth in place until it cools, then repeat this step three or four more times, and finally wipe the oil gently off your face.  A lot of work, am I right?

You only need to do this dance a few times to realize that you’re wasting your time at the sink.  If I’m going to spend that much time on my skin, I may as well just take care of it like a normal person.  Not to mention, the cloth gets oily and needs to go in the wash after nearly every other use, and the whole steaming process sends hot water running up my sleeves when I bring the rag up to my face.

It didn’t take me long to can the rag and find a better method.  I read online about streamlining the whole process by steam cleaning in the shower.  You’re supposed to oil cleanse once a day, preferably in the evening, so this method works best if you shower at night.  Luckily, I do and, trust me, this little alteration makes my oil cleansing life much simpler.

All I do is massage the oil into my face and get in the shower.  I let the oil sit while I do everything else I need to do; meanwhile, the steam acts like the hot rag and opens my pores.  Just before I get out, I rinse my face in hot water and gently wipe the oil off with my hands.  Much quicker, much easier.

The more you oil cleanse, the more comfortable you’ll get with the oil cleansing method, and the more you’ll realize you can tailor it to fit your own needs.  Your skin will tell you whether it likes your alterations or not.  Don’t listen to internet people; they never know what they’re talking about.

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6 thoughts on ““That’s for amateurs; I use steam”

  1. Don’t know about the merits of this new challenge but have been enjoying the accompanying pictures you have chosen to illustrate your woes. Well done!!!

  2. And how you manage to incorporate your favorite movie lines into your writing is always refreshing and creative. Waiting to see something from That Hagen Girl !!!

  3. I think you have a beautiful complexion as well but if you think it’s dry then maybe it’s the bar soap. If your OCM doesn’t work you can always consciously uncouple and use your leftovers for oil pulling…you and Gwyneth could be BFF’s!

  4. I love the movie lines incorporated into the stories as well. And I’m still waiting to see something from “Hunt for Red October”.

  5. So, I have been trying to do the OCM in the shower as well. But if my hair is tied back, I can’t “do everything else” and then wash the oil off. This is going to sound a little creepy, but would you mind going through your shower routine in more detail? Do you keep your hair pulled back and wash it at the end?

    • Hey Sara – No worries about getting creepy; after discussing my sweating tendencies on the blog, I have very little anxiety about describing my shower routine! Basically, I pull my hair back to put the oil on my face, and I leave it tied back as I get in the shower. I like to shampoo my hair first thing, so that I can put the conditioner on and leave it for a bit. I wash my hands, then untie my hair (very carefully) to shampoo, making sure I cleanse all the way up to the hairline. Then I put conditioner on and tie it back again while I soap/shave/etc. I rinse the oil off my face at the end, just before I rinse out the conditioner. And that’s pretty much it! Just make sure you’re very careful with your hair when it’s untied and wash your hands of all the oil before you touch your hair! It’s probably not even necessary to be this careful, but I’ve had oil stuck in my hair before, so I’m paranoid! Hope that helps!!

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