When Too Much Is Just Way Too Much

Well this is frightening.  I know we haven’t talked about greasy hair in some time, but guess who’s back?  That’s right.

Since I’ve begun the Oil Cleansing Method, I’ve had some sporadic bouts with grease on my scalp.  Now, when I say “bouts,” we’re not talking the Holyfield-Bowe style wars I was having on my head during my Mother Nature’s Maid Shampoo & Conditioner days.  These bouts are more skirmishes, really.  I notice slight darkening around the roots and some piecey separation of my clean hair that I’d usually only associate with second-day bed head.

Yesterday I discussed the importance of embracing oil and not scraping it all off your face as if it carries the Bubonic Plague.  But today, we have something equally important to discuss: too much is just too much.

I do believe that oil can be embraced, but there is such a thing as too much oil, even for those faces that seem to accept it.  Some OCM tutorials will tell you to use a pea-sized amount of oil, some will say quarter-sized, some will say dime-sized, and some won’t say at all.  When I first began with the OCM, I didn’t pay much attention to the amount I was using; I concentrated more on technique.  However, after a few weeks of using varying amounts of oil, I think I have enough evidence to claim a direct correlation between excess oil and a greasy scalp.  For me and my hair, I find that somewhere in the dime-sized range is the safest bet.  Anything more and I just might end up with second-day bed head.

Of course, in addition to minimizing your oil usage, it’s also crucially important to keep that oil away from your hair at all costs.  No matter how little oil you’re using, if it comes in direct contact with your scalp, you will have a grease fight.  A few important tips:

  • If you have long hair, tie it back before applying the oil.  You may want to do this when you wash the oil off, as well.
  • For extra protection, hold back flyaways with a headband.
  • Wash your hands with real soap after applying the oil and before touching your hair
  • Do not get oil too close to your hairline
  • Rinse the oil off of your face thoroughly; excess could travel to your scalp.

Even though my face has accepted the Oil Cleansing Method quite readily, the change is still more complicated and takes more thought than simply switching soaps.  As it turns out, the OCM is really a game of shades and thin lines.  There is no black-and-white blanket answer that works 100 percent of the time for everyone.  It’s like dating – it takes a lot of practice and a lot of failure to find a match that works for you, and even when you’re feeling comfortable, something very small could break the camel’s back one day and ruin the whole darn thing.

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