Tone it down and turn it up

Write this down: To be an all-natural guru, all you need is green tea.  When I started going natural, I quickly found out that green tea was one of the most powerful weapons in my chemical-free arsenal.  It’s basically a cure-all.  Like chocolate…or butter.

In just the past year or two, I’ve used green tea to fight acne, make sunscreen, and even wash my hair.  So when I went trolling for a natural facial toner recipe and found a green tea option, you can bet I was on board 350 percent.  And it’s so simple to concoct:

  1. Boil water to make the tea
  2. Allow tea to cool in refrigeration
  3. Apply to face

Incredibly simple!  And simple is exactly what I’m looking for when it comes to facial toner, because I’m honestly not sure what it’s supposed to do.  The internet claims that a good toner cleanses and seals pores so that your face doesn’t absorb dirt and toxins throughout the day.  It sounds beneficial, and it’s an easy addition to my routine, so I see no harm in giving it a try.

I keep my tea in the refrigerator and apply it every night after showering, so that if it’s going to seal my pores, it’ll seal them while they’re clean.  I don’t notice any visible differences since I’ve been using the toner, but it feels very refreshing on my skin, and I like it so far.  Just one more point for green tea!

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2 thoughts on “Tone it down and turn it up

  1. MNM – thanks for the recommendation. I too am a lover of Green Tea – hot or cold – mostly over ice from Starbucks or Panera (although some may say it causes heartburn)! If you remember I tried the Green tea method for under eye dark circle reduction but, unfortunately, found no lasting results. I would love to reduce my pore size so, as you are sealing yours if you notice a reduction in the size please share!!
    Until then, I will continue consumption!
    Glad you are back…. I’ve missed your adventures.

  2. Thanks to your influence and use while in full time residency here at our humble abode – green tea is now a staple in our pantry. Personally – I don’t care for the taste – if I wish to consume grass – I will go straight to the source. However I have never utilized it as part of a skin care regimen – and it does sound refreshing. So perhaps I will try it – thanks for the tip!! Otherwise – should you be in need of restocking your supply – shop here first!!!

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