Don’t be such a flake

One of the most important personal care products for anyone is a good facial moisturizer.  This is especially true for me, because I tend to treat my face like a kitchen sink; I load it up with junk and scrub it clean with a powerful grease-fighter.

My face goes through a lot – sun, wind, makeup, sweat, harsh soaps, and whatever pollutes hang around in the downtown Baltimore smog.  After that kind of unceremonious treatment, you can bet my skin is begging for some TLC by the end of day.  If I don’t moisturize religiously with a nourishing lotion, my skin gets very dry and flaky.  Not exactly cute.

I’ve had many solutions to facial moisturizer over the years; namely, whatever lotion happens to be sitting on the edge of the sink.  I like Cetaphil, St. Ives, and even plain Aloe Vera, and I’ve had good luck recently with an absolutely heavenly goat’s milk lotion.  But since this challenge is all about oil, I decided to take on the task of finding an oil moisturizer that doesn’t leave my face oily.  Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Spoiler alert: it’s not impossible.  I looked up a lot of recipes for facial moisturizer and noted several essential oils that are particularly good for dry skin.  Starting with a base of light, nourishing Jojoba, I made my mixture:

  • Jojoba Oil base (1tbsp)
  • 5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

I put this on once per day after I oil cleanse and apply my green tea toner.  A few drops goes a long way, and I try not to use more than two in order to avoid greasiness.  Now I know the thought of leaving any amount of oil on your skin makes most people want to rip their hair out.  Trust me, I was skeptical, and I was surprised.

My oil moisturizer doesn’t leave my face greasy or shiny.  My skin absorbs the oil overnight, and by the time I wake up in the morning, it’s as if I have nothing on my face.  When I was using conventional face lotions, I would apply as often as I could – morning, noon, and night – because nothing seemed to keep my skin moisturized enough.  Since switching to the OCM, I no longer moisturize all the time, and my skin looks and feels more hydrated.  I guess my face just needed a little more TLC than bar soap and body lotion.

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