Dry Skin is Out, and Pimples Are In…

Since I took up the Oil Cleansing Method, I’ve had a few surprises in my life.  First, my skin that used to dry and flake, especially in the winter, is much more soft and smooth.  Second, even though I slather about four different kinds of oil on my face every day, my skin isn’t greasy and feels incredibly clean.  Third, I have pimples.

The first few weeks of the OCM went off without a hitch.  Although internet people warned of an “adjustment period,” where the skin might break out a bit from the initial change in routine, I noticed nothing like this.  I was, from the start, impressed with the results I saw, and I never noticed any extra grease or acne.  My favorite part of the OCM is that is virtually cures my dry skin.  With conventional cleansers and lotions, I can moisturize 24/7 and still battle chronic dryness, mostly on my forehead and cheeks.  With the OCM, I barely notice any dryness, and it’s like a dream.

However, within the past few days, three pimples popped up on my face.  I’m not trying to complain about three measly pimples, but I can’t help but wonder at the timing here.  Perhaps my newly nourished skin is a bit too moisturized.  Conventional wisdom says that oil leads to acne, and even though the OCM disagrees with this, it’s hard to ignore the chronological link between my new oil usage and these unexpected spots.

Since the three original pimples disappeared, I’ve had no other problems.  Maybe it was just the adjustment period.  Maybe it was just unrelated stress.  Or maybe it was just a prelude to a terrible, bulbous oil breakout that might surface in the next few days.  Hopefully, we’ll never know.

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2 thoughts on “Dry Skin is Out, and Pimples Are In…

  1. Fortunately for you – acne has never been a big problem and I always thought your complexion was very nice. So – I have to ask myself ………….. If it ain’t broke ………………………?

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