Don’t Go Back To The Bar

I have to admit, there are times when I want to go back to the bar.  If I’m being honest, the OCM is not the easiest way to wash your face.  It takes some (not a lot, but a little) extra effort and time, and some days I just want to reach for that bar of Dial and go to town, without worrying about steaming and opening pores and avoiding my hairline.  I don’t do this because, first of all, I respect the challenge, and, second of all, I like the way my skin behaves on the OCM.  Last weekend, however, I sealed the deal.

I had decided to spend a weekend at home and, upon arriving there, realized I’d forgotten all my cleansing and moisturizing oils back at The Newport House.  Disaster.  I considered just lathering up with straight olive oil, but I thought it might be too heavy and bring back the pimples.  So for two days and nights, I bit the bullet and went back to my old carefree chemical routine.  I washed with bar soap and moisturized with whatever was on the counter.  I slept in my makeup and didn’t apply my toner.  I even skipped the exfoliant.

At first it was great – my facial care routine took two minutes again, instead of five.  Washing wasn’t such a production when I didn’t have to worry about steaming and keeping my hair in a straight jacket.  However, after just a day – even after the first washing – I could see my old ways starting to take their toll.  The bar soap left my skin taught and arid, and the old dry spots quickly returned.  I found myself moisturizing over and over again to no avail; the bar soap just dried my face out too much to recover.  After getting used to the Oil Cleansing Method, I couldn’t believe I had ever settled for the skin I was now seeing in the mirror.  I guess those three extra minutes of steaming really make the difference.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Go Back To The Bar

  1. I’m not discounting your new method and if it works – I’m all for whatever you are happy with. But if you do plan to wash your face with bar soap – for goodness sake don’t use Dial. You might as well use Comet. Way too abrasive for your gentle maiden face. If “faced” with returning to the bar – even for a couple of washes you might want to try Dove. Its a bar but it is definitely much more soft on your skin. I’ve been using it for years – and I know what you’re thinking – but you should have seen what I used to look like when I washed my face with Dial!! But on your young skin – the difference between Dove and a harsher soap would be quite noticeable I’m sure. So next time you’re home and have forgotten your MNM products – give my bar a try. It’s on the house !!!

  2. I agree with the words of wisdom from above…ditch the Dial and try some face soap. Neutrogena and Aveno have foaming cleansers for sensitive skin.

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