Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

I know it’s been a while since we’ve discussed the Oil Cleansing Method, but as I recall, I left all my Little Maids in a lurch

Yea, sometimes my skin just feels like this….

several months ago when I suddenly stopped posting about the OCM.   Here’s what you would have read if I had kept posting last spring:

I think I’ve mentioned before that I tend to have dry skin on my face.  And when you have dry skin, guess what’s one of your favorite tools?  Exfoliant!  The problem with exfoliating chronically dry skin is that you feel like you have to do it every day, twice a day, and three times in between.  Talk about rough on your skin.  Your face might feel smooth, but it’s as raw as a slice of rare roast beef.

Luckily, the Oil Cleansing Method leaves more moisture in my face, so I don’t feel the need to exfoliate so often.  Now, I can dial back the exfoliation to a responsible once-a-week schedule that doesn’t rough my face up like Elliot Stabler on a tight-lipped perp.  When I do exfoliate, I use a very simple method:

  • 1 TBSP Olive Oil
  • ¼ TBSP sugar

During the original Mother Nature’s Maid Challenge, I created another recipe for exfoliant, but it didn’t keep well and was more complicated to make (but, let’s be honest, a hard-boiled egg is more complicated than this exfoliant).  What I like about this Maid For My Face recipe is that it’s easy and surprisingly customizable.  I used olive oil and fine white sugar, because I wanted a lot of nourishment with soft exfoliation.  But change the oil, and you can make it lighter and less moisturizing.  Change the sugar to something raw and unprocessed, and you’ve got a coarser, more effective exfoliant.

Now, an average person – like one who usually washes her face with bar soap – would scrub the forehead, the cheeks, the nose, the chin, and then leave it at that.  But Mother Maid is not average, even though I do like to wash my face with bar soap.  If you want to go the extra mile on your face, you have to remember your lips, eyelids, and neck – after all, they need moisture and exfoliation and attention, too.  I know it’s exhausting, but it’s not like you have anything else to do with your day besides exfoliate your eyelids, right?

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