Teenie Says Toner

I’ll admit it – I’m not a fan of toner.  Toner is just one extra minute of facial care in my day that I don’t have time or energy for.  It’s an extra step, an added expense, an additional responsibility, and the worst part is, I notice no benefits from it.  At one point during my OCM month, I stopped using my toner altogether (partially because I’d run out of it and partially because I was just sick and tired of it).  It’s not like it was a huge loss…it’s just green tea, right?  No big deal.

Part of the reason I don’t like toner is because I don’t get toner.  I don’t get what it does, I don’t get what it’s for, and I don’t get results.  Even when I stopped using my green tea toner for a whole week, I didn’t notice any difference.  So what’s the point?

Well, according to my friend Teenie (a.k.a. my personal facial care expert), toner has a big point and is a very important step in the facial care process.  Skipping it will age you, she says, and trust me when I say you want to hear her out on this.  Her skin is like a toddler’s.  Here are her important points on toner:

  • Toner is a prep tool; it neutralizes the pH of your skin, helping it to recover from the stress of the day and absorb the nourishment you feed it at night
  • You might not notice immediate results, unless you’re trying to fix an immediate problem.  Toner, like most skincare practices, is largely preventative and will prove itself as it helps you age gracefully
  • Find a toner that works for you and your skin type; research brands that work for people with skin like yours and experiment with several products in a range of prices
  • Be patient, and keep using it

Basically, toner moisturizes, balances, and tightens your skin, refreshing and rejuvenating it from daily stress.  Teenie says it will help me look 40 when I’m 60, but for an impatient person who wants to see immediate results, this seems like a long time to wait.  Still, I keep slathering the green tea on…hopefully my 40-year-old-looking 60-year-old self will thank me.

*Some more of Teenie’s favorite facial care practices include: (1) minimize sun exposure; (2) apply daily moisturizer with SPF; (3) avoid processed foods (you are what you eat!); (4) don’t smoke; and (5) always remove your makeup.

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3 thoughts on “Teenie Says Toner

  1. Never used it either – but if it makes 60 look like 40 – count me in !!! Uh – not that I’m anywhere near 60 or anything – you understand – just going with the theme of your posting. Yeah – that’s it – just going along with your premise.

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