Summer here, Summer there (a final ode to OCM)

What you’ll feel like doing instead of putting oil on your face in 90-degree heat.

Well I certainly had a good run with the OCM.  It was useful, beneficial, nourishing, and healthful.  Overall, I’d say the experiment was a great success…until I realized I HAD to stop Oil Cleansing.

I started on the OCM back in March.  My face was still recovering from winter dryness, and “steaming” open my pores was a welcome five-minute respite from blustery early spring days.  Through mid-June I enjoyed the OCM – the added moisture, the heat treatments, the happy skin.  Then, suddenly, something happened: Summer began.

It came as it always does in Maryland – so fast that you forget spring ever existed.  It came with hot days, warm nights, humidity, and sweat.  It came with open windows, beating sun, humidity, and sweat.  It came with stalled air conditioners, hazy pavement, humidity, and sweat.  So, you get the idea – what with all that humidity and sweat going around, slathering oil on my face and steaming it clean fell to the very bottom of a long list of thoughts I no longer cared to entertain, like wearing wool sweaters or drinking warm milk.

I stuck it out for as long as I could.  I couldn’t go back to the bar and have my face turn raw and dry all over again, but when I was stuck in traffic on a 90-degree day with a bum air conditioner and sweat beading on my neck, the very idea of oil and steam was enough to make me pull over and puke.  Right then and there, I resigned myself to the fact that OCM is clearly a winter-only solution.

So I put my oils on the shelf for a few months; but don’t worry – I didn’t go back to bar soap and hand lotion and sleeping in my make up.  Well, ok, technically I did go back to bar soap, but the new one I found is by Neutrogena, and it’s a special face formula!  I kept exfoliating once a week, and I kept moisturizing when needed with an all-natural goat’s milk lotion that’s incredibly gentle.  The green tea toner, I discovered, was the only product that could be left intact in the summer heat, especially when you discover that you can freeze the tea in ice cube trays!

As the weather has started to cool off for fall, my face has reacted very positively by drying out in anticipation of fall rain and winter wind and the Polar Vortex.  So I’ve gone back to the OCM for the cooler months, and the dryness is already gone!  I think I’ve definitely found my go-to winter routine to keep the face dandruff at bay.  Because we all know what face dandruff keeps at bay – social interaction.  Overall, I enjoy the OCM immensely and highly recommend it to ward off dry skin, but if you plan to use it year-round, make sure you live in Alaska.

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One thought on “Summer here, Summer there (a final ode to OCM)

  1. You do look Mah – va – lous – soft, dewy complexion and all !!! But what I’d really like to hear more about is life during a HHH Maryland August in old Bess with a bum AC. I have a feeling – that’s where the real story begins. Can we hear a little more about that?

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