Now Kindly Accepting Donations to the No-Grocery Challenge

The bad news is, we’re getting sick and damn tired of eggs.  The good news is, we managed to subsist over the weekend (and take an egg break) through donations to our cause.  From Friday to Monday, Carrie and I collectively managed to beg, borrow, and steal 7 meals from outside of our own home, thus postponing the inevitable boiled onions and peppered puff pastry.

Thanks to generous breakfast, lunch, and dinner donations from both of our families, Carrie and I started off this week triumphantly, with stomachs full of foods that normally go together on the human palate.  So, basically, we’re cheating.  Carrie and I have realized of late that our parents’ homes can pretty much serve as bed & breakfasts, thus allowing us to extend the No-Grocery Challenge (and our budgets) way beyond its foreseeable limits.  Just don’t tell our parents – they like to think we’re good people and not total moochers.

However, Monday night it was back to The Newport House and back to egg sandwiches and a failed quiche, which turned out more like an omelet in a fancy crock.  Don’t get me wrong, the eggs are great, and we’re glad to have them, but I have to say that it’s getting to be overkill, as they are really the only substantial food group we have left in our kitchen.  Sure, we have random vegetables, some noodles, and a boatload of rice – all wonderful basics – but nothing that really matches the incredible, edible egg in combined nutritional, food-pairing, ease-of-preparation, and stomach-filling qualities.  By now, though, we’ve had eggs about every which way we can – fried, scrambled, sandwiched, runny, and overcooked, and we still have four left.

So on Tuesday, I thought it was high time we switched basics, and I pulled out the rice.  Let’s go back to the “ease of preparation” component.  Who knew that it takes rice about as long to cook as it takes me to shave off my winter Sasquatch legs every spring?  It might not be that complicated, but when you’re hungry, it’s the most annoying food to prepare.  That said, Tuesday’s No-Grocery dinner was not a failure: rice, fried vegetables, and sauce on top, which was stolen from home.  But don’t tell my parents; they like to think I’m not a moocher.

Here’s what we have left: a half pound of pasta, a can of vegetable soup, 5 packs of instant oatmeal, 2.5 onions, 6 potatoes, 4 eggs, 2 green peppers, half a loaf of bread, half a bag of brown rice, the puff pastry, and an assortment of frozen vegetables.  

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2 thoughts on “Now Kindly Accepting Donations to the No-Grocery Challenge

  1. What about pasta with carbonara sauce? It is basically eggs, tarted up with a bit of bacon (you might have to mooch that). Fried rice has eggs in it, too–have you used all of your peppers? They could go into fried rice, too.

  2. Good thing you’re heading to Ireland tomorrow Rach . Maybe you can “mooch off of ” – sorry meant to say “dine with” some of James’ friends and family. The Irish are hospitable people. As for you Carrie – feel free to stop by the old homestead while she’s gone for a meal or two . We are so used to having Rachel drop by at mealtime – we nearly always prepare extra. (We also package meals to go – should you find that more convenient.) Love the new look – now that I know how to navigate it!!!

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