7 Days of Self-Acceptance – Day 2: Open Up & Let It Out!

Well, here we are on this lovely Tuesday, and today we’re talking up the Heart Chakra! According to Chakra Healing, the Heart Chakra is “your center for love, including self-love. If your heart chakra is blocked, you have trouble giving and receiving love; you don’t feel much compassion for others; you hold grudges, you’re needy and clingy, and often have anger issues.” It’s no wonder I feel like I want to clear mine so often!

Everybody always says “you have to love yourself before you can love someone else,” but I’m not sure that’s at all true. I think a lot of us love and treat other people (sometimes even random strangers!) much better than we love and treat ourselves. I often have ridiculously high expectations for myself, and then I fall into the depths of despair and self-loathing when I don’t fulfill them. That’s not very loving. I’m not saying that we should all settle for less than our best and move through life half-heartedly. But, you know what? Sometimes my best will not be good enough, and sometimes someone else’s best will be better. And that’s ok.

This is a quick meditation exercise I like to use whenever I’m feeling particularly un-loving. I like to imagine opening up my heart like a window (on the sunny canal in the little French village of Annecy, but it’s not like I get specific….), and letting the light shine into all the dark parts that I maybe haven’t looked at in quite a while. Sadness, anger, guilt, and grudges hide in the tiniest of places, so, as the Fifth Dimension would say: Let the sunshine in!!


One thought on “7 Days of Self-Acceptance – Day 2: Open Up & Let It Out!

  1. Can’t really fully appreciate this self acceptance exploration. You see – this old machine I’m using – which incidentally I inherited from someone who is busy accepting herself these days – when she “borrowed” mine years ago – will no longer play videos. So I’m gonna have to take a leap of faith here and assume that it would heal these old heart chakras of mine in a jiffy. Wow – I feel better already!!! Love you (and me) dear Maid.

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