7 Days of Self-Acceptance – Day 3: Lion’s Love!

No matter how awesome I like to think I am sometimes, let’s just be honest – people judge me. Lots of people probably judge me: my shoes, my hair, my goals, my views, my sheep sweater, my penchant for bagged underwear… People judge; it’s what we do. But I think the person who judges me the hardest is actually me.

When I get down to it, I can’t (and will never) know if and what everyone else thinks of me, so it’s literally a futile exercise to wonder and worry about it (admittedly, WAY easier said than done!). But I am a companion to myself 24/7, and it can be a pretty miserable 24/7 if I’m full of negative thoughts and judgments about me…or anyone else, for that matter! “I am stupid, I hate my hair, I don’t trust myself, I can’t do this.”

Anytime I’m feeling meek and powerless and particularly judgey, I like to give this Lion’s Breath yoga exercise a try and just let go for a minute. Let go of what everybody else in the world thinks, and – more importantly – just let go of what I think. Quiet those negative voices and let the self-love flow: I am powerful, I am a force for good, I love me, I am a lion!!


3 thoughts on “7 Days of Self-Acceptance – Day 3: Lion’s Love!

  1. What usually helps me is watching Ellie go through one of her FRAPS. I figure I can’t be any more of a knucklehead than that, and it gets my mind off of all that other junk.

  2. Aww MNM I love you – does that count? And YOGA – I am not very good at it but I enjoy trying! It really makes one feel better in many ways – definitely helps clear the mind & improves focus. FYI – I have heard there is a good place in Hampden…
    We are by far our own worst critics. My philosophy on what others say and think – if they are judging me they are leaving someone else alone!
    Looking forward to what day 4 of Self Acceptance will bring!


  3. Somewhere along the line I heard this – maybe from Dr. Phil ? – many moons ago. “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you – if you realized how seldom they did.”

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