7 Days of Self-Acceptance – Day 4: Listen

Sometimes I feel like I’m not listening to myself.  There’s so much going on in the world around me all the time, that it’s hard to find peace, and it’s hard to find quiet.  And without peace and quiet, it’s hard to stay in touch with myself.  I like to use meditation as a way to quiet the frazzle of the outer world and find a comfortable little space in the present.  For me, a good meditation session brings about relaxation, positivity, and much-needed quiet.  Meditation can also be a good way to shine light on negative feelings (shame, guilt, grudges, pain, anxiety) that we might not even know we’re harboring deep inside.  Through meditation, we can find some mental space to acknowledge these feelings as they come to the surface and then do our best to oust them.

Unfortunately, I – for one – do not always find meditation so easy.  I’ll find myself concentrating on a blank mind for a full five minutes, then it’s back to the itch on my leg, tonight’s dinner, tomorrow’s bills, or the dog barking outside.  Even if I have a successful meditation practice, I might fall into despair as soon as I get up and see that it’s raining outside.  How un-mindful of me.  I think the most important thing about mindfulness is remembering to take it everywhere.  No matter where you get yours every day – whether through meditation, yoga, or prayer – it’s important to remember that this concentrated time is just the stepping stone to full self-awareness.  True mindfulness is a full-time job; every minute of every day is a new present.

*Helpful tip: Sometimes when I’m trying to concentrate hard on a blank mind, I suddenly realize that my brain has actually been running in overdrive in the background the whole time.  A meditation teacher once told me that that’s when you’re meditating – that moment when you catch yourself thinking.

Meditation music:


4 thoughts on “7 Days of Self-Acceptance – Day 4: Listen

  1. I know what you mean – no matter how hard I try to find just 10 minutes of time for myself to rejuvenate and clear my head all those little things like walmart lists, dinner menus, schedules and daily “to do’s” just creep right on in. Could it be that we are all stretched too thin and life is just too busy? Do we secretly yearn for a simpler lifestyle?
    I can safely say a Green Gang event would NOT be a venue for practicing meditation – NEVER quiet there!

    • I meditated all through Walmart today and then into Giant as well. Goodness only knows what ended up in my cart. Hopefully something worthy of our Easter dinner. See – I’ve been following !!!

  2. Stayed in my pj’s til late morning catching up on all I have missed. Have you heard of The Power of Now by Ekhardt Tolle? I wish you luck on your journey and look forward to following along. Hope all is going well in Ireland.

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