7 Days of Self-Acceptance – Day 6: The Write Path

I’m a writer by nature, but I’m almost ashamed to say that I’ve never really kept a strict diary.  Of course, I’ve kept travel journals and teenage diaries, but when it comes to writing out thoughts and emotions and ideas, I just don’t take the time.  But I’m realizing that writing can be a healthy exercise toward self-awareness, healing, and forgiveness.  The act of physically writing thoughts down can be very emotionally freeing – a great way to clear negative emotions and reinforce positive ones.

My first journal entry was a mess.  I was nervous to do it; I had some bad feelings to clear, and I felt that writing them down would only serve to solidify them in print.  However, once I started writing, I couldn’t stop.  Soon, I couldn’t even keep up with the speed at which my thoughts were pouring out, and I scrawled pages and pages of thick, bold print, pressing hard with the pen and writing very pointedly in all capital letters.  It was as if my emotions were right there on the page – expressed, released, let go.

So, on Day 6, let’s get in touch with ourselves.  Pick up a pen, and open that door for any bad energy to march itself right out and onto the page.  Then maybe turn to a clean sheet and write down some happy thoughts – some positive energy to propel you through the rest of your day.  Express.  Release.  Let go.


3 thoughts on “7 Days of Self-Acceptance – Day 6: The Write Path

  1. I never even realized that you had a negative thought in your brain. Well, except maybe a little bit for YKW, but that usually is short lived and replaced by a feeling of being entertained.

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