Let me just finish scrubbing my hippie van

Have you ever looked at your bathroom or kitchen and thought, “how can I make cleaning a little more complicated?”  Neither have I.  But, as is often my habit here on the MNM Blog, I am going to start making my life a whole lot more complex over the next five weeks…all in the name of Mother Nature, of course.

From April 13 through May 18, Mother Nature’s Maid will be tackling an all-new natural challenge: Mother Nature’s Maid Service.  For this back-to-nature experiment, I will be taking on our household cleaning supplies.  Just like the Mother Nature’s Maid and Maid Up challenges, I’ll be tossing out our conventional cleaners – from laundry detergent to air freshener – one by one until I’m scrubbing our house with roadside gravel, water, and an old t-shirt.

Now, the situation will not get that dire (I hope).  I’ve been doing some preliminary research before I dive in (see?  I have learned something since the first challenge), and it seems that natural cleansing materials are not as hard to come by as one might think. Turns out lots of products – like vinegar, epsom salts, baking soda, and my old essential oil friends – all do double duty as household cleaners!  And when you consider that many conventional cleaners we use today contain crazy chemicals that may or may not be linked to cancer, heart damage, respiratory problems, and the creation of superbugs, the roadside gravel doesn’t sound so bad anymore.

Ok, so it may not seem incredibly exciting.  After all, I hate cleaning my own toilet so much that I pretty much only do it for company, so why would you care at all whether I’m using baking soda or Lysol in the thing?  But don’t write the MNMS Challenge off just yet.  Trust me when I say, there are plenty of ways that this challenge could become just as nasty, sweaty, greasy, stinky, oily, and gelatinous as all the previous challenges.  For example: Laundry.

My Week 1 project will be homemade laundry detergent and dryer sheets.  I’m not sure why, but I always end up tackling first those products that could most greatly affect my social life (if you don’t remember, I started the Mother Nature’s Maid Challenge with deodorant).  I guess I just like to make everything a little more complicated.

Wish me luck.  Hopefully I won’t need it (but I think we both know I eventually will).


4 thoughts on “Let me just finish scrubbing my hippie van

  1. With this new challenge in the works – the little Newport cottage should be sparkling just in time for your annual summer party. Good luck –

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