Challenge 5: Maid to Curl

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The Big Idea:

Mother Nature’s Maid is trying out The Curly Girl Method!  I’m on a mission to find out if my hair is curly, wavy, or just an unmanageable rat’s nest that has to be beaten into submission with hot tools and hairbrushes.  The CGM is based on the idea that by attacking our hair with styling tools and chemicals, we wrestle it out of its natural state.  When we trade damaging hair care methods for natural, healthy ones, we can discover hair we never knew we had.  For one month – May 1, 2020 through June 1, 2020 – I’m setting aside all of my favorite hair care tools and products (and all of my bad hair day saviors) and opening the gate to let my locks run wild.

*The only other exciting twist I should mention is that I’ve convinced my best friend, and fellow hair enthusiast, Carrie to accompany me on this journey.  She won’t be following the Challenge, but expect her to pop in from time to time with stories of her own experiences!  Read up on our hair types!

The Rules:

The Curly Girl Method comes with lot of rules.  When I first started looking into it, I was so paralyzed by details, I struggled even to get started.  So, for this Challenge, I’m paring things down to just 4 rules.  It may not be 100% “approved” to the letter of every Curly Girl law, but I don’t want to end up crying in a corner of my bathroom, clinging to a curling iron, muttering about non-water-soluble silicones.  I just want to start simple – so sue me (except don’t, because the Curly Girl Police probably would).

  1. Remove sulfates and silicones from all hair products
  2. No heat styling allowed, with the exception of a hair dryer on a cool setting
  3. Dry hair with a cotton t-shirt instead of a traditional towel
  4. No dry brushing hair

The Curly Girl Method:

As I said, the Curly Girl Method comes withlot of rules, and there are tons of tips, styling techniques, and (self-proclaimed) hair connoisseurs out there to help newbies get started.  So in case you’re ready to follow me right into the fire (because where has MNM ever steered you wrong before??), I appreciate your loyalty, but I want to be clear about one thing: This challenge is not me giving advice!  Seriously, I have no idea what I’m doing.  So, if you’re looking for flawless hair-styling tips and photos of beautiful, bouncy, no-frizz curls, you’re in the wrong place.  But, if you’re ready to join MNM for another fun-filled (but probably HIGHLY ill-advised) all-natural roller coaster ride of a Challenge that promises plenty of bad hair days and very embarrassing selfies, well then, by all means, come along, sir

Here are a few places to get advice from people with way better hair than me: