MNM Challenges

MNM is just a regular girl taking on Mother Nature’s challenges.  This is a new kind of DIY blog – an independent project to send one girl back to nature (and possibly over the edge) … one all-natural project at a time.  In her challenges, MNM takes on all kinds of natural projects to see how well Mother Nature’s simple solutions stack up against the processed products we use today.

From No Poo to No Deodorant, MNM takes on any kind of hippie challenge, testing (and suffering through) some of the purest solutions ever offered by either Mother or Nature.  It’s Mother Nature vs. The Maid – it’s pure, it’s sweaty, and it’s going to get ugly.  Enjoy following the experiments as this girl becomes a dirty hippie the old-fashioned way.

The MNM Challenges:

Mother Nature’s Maid: MNM makes (and uses exclusively) 100% natural and homemade beauty products for 29 weeks. 

Maid Up: MNM makes (and uses exclusively) 100% natural and homemade makeup for 14 weeks.

Maid For My Face: MNM tries the Oil Cleansing Method (or MNM uses oil as facial soap).

Maiden Horse: MNM fights equine skin cancer

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