L’oeil de chat

Well you can tell Brigitte Bardot that she and her cat’s eye are en sécurité.  For now.

Mother Nature’s Maid is hot on the heels of Mlle. Bardot and her bold, flashy look of the 1960s.  That’s right – we’re whipping up a Bardot-inspired face that’s not only striking, but completely natural.  By the time I’m done, you won’t be able to tell the difference between me and-

Ok, I’m just getting reports that this blog is being routinely fact-checked.  So, as I was saying…I might not look exacty like Brigitte Bardot, but I have almost mastered her cat’s eye…and with all-natural makeup, no less!  Read on – this is pretty cool.

I was actually nervous to attempt this homemade product.  Eyeliner seems to be such an exact consistency that I feared no natural alternative could ever replicate it, and anyone will tell you that I am very painstaking with my cat’s eye.  Inferior liners just won’t do.

I had activated charcoal fighting in my corner and convincing evidence that it is a safe, natural product.  What I didn’t have was any real hope that it would hold a candle to my Maybelline or even work at all.  I was in for a surprise.  And a pleasant one…for once.

All you need is a toothpick, a frozen blackberry (or plain water), and activated charcoal (NOT scraped from the bottom of a grill).  It’s that simple.  I broke one of the activated charcoal capsules into a small bowl and let the frozen blackberry melt a bit in another.  Taking the toothpick, I dipped one end in blackberry juice and then in the charcoal.

It goes on quite smoothly, although not as thoroughly as store-bought.  I had to keep re-dipping the toothpick and reapplying to get the thickness and length I wanted.  Any amount of extra fussing like this does not bode well for a flawless cat’s eye and, sure enough, mine turned out a bit smudgier than I usually allow.  But overall, I was quite impressed.

I admired my handiwork in the mirror; I called my mother over to the table to show her my success (and to assure her again that activated charcoal would not render me blind…probably).  I actually looked like I had used real liquid eyeliner!  Hooray!  (Just allow me to indulge in a successful product for a moment; I rarely get this opportunity.)


10 thoughts on “L’oeil de chat

  1. Best wishes on your success……………………….. but if I hear one complaint about your eyes being sore or your vision being blurry ……………… well………………………….

    • Oh just wait till you hear about the clumping mascara that made my eyes feel like I was wearing false lashes but made them look like I was wearing nothing…

  2. Congratulations on another win, MNM! Guess I’m gonna have to till some more of the backyard up to make room in the garden to plant blueberries.

    • Yes, if I could, I’d like to put in a request for blackberries and raspberries next year. That garden is coming in quite handy for homemade products. I think tomato juicing is next on the list!

    • Actually, in an MNM first, I’m thinking about including a before and after pic – one before, one after with natural makeup, and one after with regular makeup. We’ll let the people decide how successful my homemade products are!!

  3. Be careful with those toothpicks – could be hazardous to the eyes. If the charcoal doesn’t blind you, a slip of the toothpick sure could!
    And yes…. pics would be good
    And Diddykong…. she’s using blackberries not blueberries

    • HAHA thanks for correcting Diddykong. Made me LOL. Blueberries, go figure haha And, yes, I did have to be very careful where I pointed that toothpick. But I figure it can’t be anymore dangerous than separating your eyelashes with a needle…remember who used to do that??

    • Thank you!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!! Hopefully you’ve found my all-natural flounderings somewhat helpful. And while I’m certainly not a famous blogger, I hope you’re right!!!

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