Sometimes in life, you just have to do what’s best…for your hair

Ok what’s worse?  A bad hair day or a bad outfit day?

Alright, let me answer that: A bad hair day.  By far.  Here’s why:

  1. You can change a bad outfit day in a minute.  A bad hair day takes at least a wash (or two, depending on how much dry shampoo you’ve already dumped on)
  2. A bad outfit can be overlooked, but bad hair ruins the WHOLE day (sometimes even the whole weekend, if you’re using coconut oil)
  3. If your hair is on point, no one will even notice that bad outfit day anyway!

And you can trust me – I’ve been having some of the best ALL NATURAL hair days ever seen in the history of Poo or Sham.  Now I know what you’re going to say: “But, MNM, you’ve always had such terrible luck with natural hair!”  Or (if you know me personally): “But, MNM, while you were going all natural your hair wasn’t as bright and bouncy as usual.”  Or (if you’re family): “But, MNM, your hair has never looked worse than it did when you were going all natural!”

I know I gave up on No Poo about a month ago, but, guys, you’ve got to hear this: dualsenses Green Real Moisture Sulfate-Free Shampoo by Goldwell.  This is my new savior – my new, all-natural, sulfate- and paraben-free, 100% organic savior!  Baking soda is OUT and dualsenses is IN!

I’ve told you that I’ve used products by Goldwell and its sister company, KMS California, in the past, and when I recently learned that Goldwell was coming out with a brand new line of all-natural hair care products, I knew it had MNM written all over it.  And it does!

I’m using the shampoo and conditioner, and it’s working wonderfully!  (And I’m not just saying that because of what I’m used to: Greasy, dull, straw-like hair.  I already fixed that, remember?)  These products actually leave my hair feeling soft, smooth, shiny and manageable (and I love the scent of the conditioner).  The conditioner spreads just as easily as a regular product, and the shampoo foams almost just like regular Poo.  What’s more, according to the ingredients, these products are free of sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones and mineral oils.  THIS is what all-natural should feel like.  THIS is what No Poo should feel like.  THIS is cleanliness!!

Finally – I’ve found something Mother Nature and her maid can agree on!

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11 thoughts on “Sometimes in life, you just have to do what’s best…for your hair

  1. Maybe you should consider a job in marketing or advertising. If Goldwell sees this they might employ you. Or you could be a market researcher/ product tester. You could even take over my job as consumer watchdog for The Family.

  2. I have used a bunch of both Goldwell and KMS products and everyone of them works better than anything else I’ve tried. Great that they came out with a product that passes MNM’s stringent acid test.

    • Why thank you! It certainly feels much better than it did when I was entrenched in No ‘Poo/Sham. I can’t think of what was worse – the baking soda shampoo, the coconut oil slick, the dry shampoo powdered wigs, the 4am green tea rinses… glad it’s OVER!!!

  3. Hello MNM girl! I really enjoy reading your blog. I’ve become interested in homemaking some cleaning and cosmetics products, but often was doubtful that they would work as well. I had so much fun reading your posts! And found lots of useful information. Keep it on!
    I wanted to give a try to Dualsenses Green shampoo, but when I googled its ingredients, I found that it does have some sulfates and other chemicals usually found in conventional shampoos (see the list here: Hmm…! What do you think about it?

    • Hi there and thank you for reading the MNM Blog!! I’m so glad you’ve found that you can use some of the information!! Just a word of warning: I have literally zero prior experience with this, so I’m just writing about the experiments as they happen. Things are quite unrefined around here 🙂 But if you can learn from my mistakes and failures, my day will be made!!

      About the Dualsenses green…I know what you’re talking about. I’ve found myself in the same boat sometimes when reading the ingredients on the back of the bottle. However, the ingredients list you linked in your comment is different than what is on the actual bottles. The bottles I have advertise “sulfate-free” and “free from: parabens, silicones, PEGs and mineral oils,” and I do not see any of these products in the ingredients list.

      That said, there are some hard-to-read ingredients listed. However, I’ve researched quite a few of them on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep site, and most of them are naturally occurring and derived from raw/organic compounds. Plus, hair care has proved to be a difficult animal for me to deal with, so I allow myself some chemical compounds to keep my hair clean! So, for me, I feel comfortable using and recommending Dualsenses. I’d love to find out if you ended up buying it and how you like it!

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